The Assistant Director of Marketing and Strategic Engagement develops and executes the overall strategy for marketing, engagement, and communications efforts at Georgetown University Campus Recreation. They oversee the design, coordination, development, production, and distribution of print, video, digital, and online advertising and promotional materials to support Campus Recreation’s programs, facilities, events, and services. In addition, they are responsible for effectively branding and communicating the Campus Recreation message to the Georgetown University community and other stakeholders; they recognize the importance and growing role of social media and digital engagement as the department works to communicate effectively to multiple audiences over many and to increase distribution channels.

The Assistant Director is also thoroughly knowledgeable in the department’s, and by extension, the university’s, mission of providing an inclusive environment to its audience and actively ensures the engagement and communications products reflect its diverse audience. Reporting to the Senior Associate Director; providing oversight to the Marketing and Communications student staff who support the department’s engagement and communications efforts; and working closely with other departmental colleagues, the marketing and communications staff, as well as staff within the Division of Student Affairs and departments across the university, the Assistant Director of Marketing and Strategic Engagement has duties that include but are not limited to:

Strategic Engagement

  • Create and execute a comprehensive strategy to expand Campus Recreation’s social media and digital engagement presence;
  • Ensure all engagement, communications, and outreach activities are fully integrated, including social media, internal/external communications, and marketing and visual identity.
  • Define key performance indicators and implement enterprise-level measurement, analytics, and reporting methods to gauge success of digital and social engagement tactics. Report high level takeaways to Director of Memberships and Director of Campus Recreation, and interpret results to program leads.
  • Serve as the department representative at industry events, conferences, and outreach events.
  • Oversee student staff team, assign projects as necessary, and actively provide growth opportunities that allow them to gradually increase their responsibilities and become knowledgeable about the industry while ensuring deliverables maintain professional-level quality.

Department Liaison/Content Partner

  • Assist in creating marketing materials for departments/initiatives within the Division of Student Affairs and Office of Communications.
  • Actively participate in university committees dedicated to student engagement/experience, creating unified communications for the Division of Student Affairs, and creating and implementing guidelines and protocols for planning in-person/hybrid campus programs – specifically, the Division of Student Affairs Annual Report and the Georgetown University Parent & Family Newsletter.


  • Plan, create, and publish content across social media platforms, working with program leads and other university teams to keep abreast of programs, events, stories, and university announcements.
  • Oversee daily management of Campus Recreation’s social media profiles, including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.
  • Plan, create and publish/install physical and digital content through all communications tactics to notify members of upcoming facility operations changes.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

  • Oversee and mentor student team, including but not limited to: ensuring project assignment equity, establishing respectful office norms, and purposeful planning for skills workshops.
  • Promote department’s DEI efforts through keeping inclusivity a core focus when planning and creating or capturing content.
  • Maintain industry best practices for accessibility and ADA compliance, including but not limited to: adding alternative text/image descriptions to social media posts and website images, captioning video content, and ensuring all publicly accessible web pages, documents, and forms are ADA compliant.
  • Attend events and webinars dedicated to advancing DEI efforts to assist in furthering the department’s mission of providing an inclusive environment for members.
  • Serve as a board member on the newly formed CORE committee for community outreach. Actively contribute to creation of committee guidelines and implementation in the community.